What do RollNRack Tools have to offer?

With RollNRack tools, SAFETY & our tool’s ruggedness are the main priorities. We won’t cut corners on quality. Our system is customizable, portable and fits in a rig compartment. Other “portable” fire hose reels on the market are bulky, mount on a hitch or you have to mess with gas, oil & belts. Some units drag water filled LDH to the unit causing LDH jacket damage. A rig-mounted loader that draws up hose, requires additional firefighters to ride AND STAND, on top of moving rigs, putting even more firefighters at risk for falls, injuries or even death. For the logistics and the liability, this just doesn’t make any sense. It also isn’t practical when hose testing. With RollNRack tools, even if your truck is committed at the scene, you can safely get that truck back in service quickly!

The RollNRack System allows one firefighter to drain & roll LDH (ergonomically) while two firefighters are safely loading LDH. You never lift LDH hose rolls AND the rig is stationary. Your department EXCEEDS NFPA 1500 compliance for loading ALL hose. You cannot safely load hose, realistically, with firefighters riding on top of a moving rig and remain NFPA compliant.

With our RollNRack Hose Management System, NO ONE STANDS OR RIDES ON MOVING RIGS TO LOAD HOSE, EVER! Depend on RollNRack Tools for annual hose testing. Give us a call, we’ll gladly tell you the differences between our system and any tool out there.

All RollNRack tools not only comply with, but exceed NFPA 1500 Safety Standards. With the liability of injuries, falls and even deaths when hose loading, the days of riding on top of moving rigs are numbered.

NFPA 1500 compliance, while riding on top of moving rigs to load hose, using any kind of rig attachment, is very unrealistic. Ultimate safety is accomplished with stationary rigs while loading hose. No other tool or system can claim to be safer or more efficient.

Safely, draining, rolling and loading all fire hose is our ONLY mission. The link for safely loading LDH under NFPA 1500 is here, on our site.

“The RollNRack Hose Management System has a direct, positive impact on a firefighter’s life-immediately. It is, by far, the safest, most efficient hose management system on the market.”- Javier Fernandez Retired Firefighter/CEO/Owner RollNRack, LLC.

Safety, preventing injuries and saving you money are the most important features. No more lifting of heavy LDH rolls. The rig is stationary-no more riding on top of moving rigs while loading hose. You may qualify for lower workers’ comp insurance premiums.

Expanding your manpower. You can routinely load all your hose with just two firefighters in about a minute a roll. Drain LDH easily and load all hose with one easy to use tool.

Efficiency-with any of our tools or our Efficiency Package. You give a two or three man crew the tools to be as efficient as possible and remain NFPA 1500 compliant for loading all hose. You get back in service faster.

Quality construction- The RollNRack System is Firefighter designed and engineered to be RUGGED.

All of these advantages prove that our system includes the best, portable, powered LDH roller on the market. It has the ability to drain, roll and load all the smaller diameter hose easily. Just click on the videos and see for yourself!

Call us and we’ll customize a package for your firefighters. It’ll allow them to work safely, efficiently and save you money.

No, this combination’s advantages are in protecting a firefighter from injuries (heavy hose rolls are rocked into the RollNRack or GO-Pack units, not lifted) while expanding your manpower in loading LDH. You can load LDH with two firefighters- everytime! It also provides an easy method for draining straight LDH lays that is fast and efficient. This GO-Pack is the only tool on the market that can efficiently drain LDH with one firefighter, assist in loading ALL hose and is collapsible! All of our equipment is built for all weather durability- don’t be fooled by cheap imitations.

The FASTBACKTM rolls up either 50′ lengths of attack lines or 100′ lengths of forestry hose. Fire hose is rolled up quickly using a patented coupling fork. The roll is easily dropped out. Other manual fire hose rollers roll the hose with a couple of pins that can be difficult to get the roll off of. Our FASTBACKTM is portable and heavy duty for use at the station or at the scene. It has a reflective shoulder strap and stickers. It’s handbuilt of aluminum with stainless steel hardware for all weather use and is maintenance free.

All RollNRack System components are Made In The USA.

The life expectancy of the Power Roller is twenty years with proper quarterly maintenance. We base this on three years of R&D and refinements over the last eleven years. We scrutinize all materials used for each component of the RollNRack System and are constantly refining. We have a high standard. We assemble & test each unit to make sure they’re perfect. Each carries a one year warranty. Please contact us for a full Life Expectancy Report that includes normal wear items.

Operational Questions

It depends. If you routinely drop LDH in large amounts, I would consider it. 4,000′ of LDH drained and rolled, at 30 seconds a length, was always our goal. It should be capable of draining and rolling another five to ten lengths between 30 & 37 seconds a length. The XL unit has the same capacity. That’s 4,000′-5,000′ of LDH drained and rolled in a reasonable amount of time. After that, times will gradually increase.

Our customers include several hose testing and petrochemical companies and they have no complaints, but by their circumstances, do order an extra pack.

Your system depends on how you want your firefighters to operate and your budget. If you want just one tool that automatically drains and rolls hose with the push of a button, the Power Roller is a great choice. Use the Power Roller to load hose after it’s rolled. If you want to load hose at the same time while the Power Roller is in operation, then you need the Efficiency Package. With that package there is no down time (the operations are simultaneous). This cuts your hose management time in half. You can also decide what tools to use when. The GO-Pack can be stored in a rig compartment and is available anytime for you. If you’re hose testing, use them both like they were meant to be used. You also save over $900.

If your firefighters don’t mind rolling up hose, then maybe you just want the RollNRack or collapsible GO-Pack for loading hose. This operation is done safely with just two firefighters. They’re all designed to prevent injuries and be more efficient.

Regardless of your choice, no one rides on a moving rig to load hose- EVER! That’s ultimate safety.

Yes, The Power Roller attachment can be bolted to a RollNRack unit in about an hour with standard hand tools. Directions are on YouTube and on our DVD. This makes it easier to budget the Power Roller.

The beauty of the RollNRack System is that you can customize the system to your department’s needs and budget. Start with a RollNRack, add the Power Roller attachment a year later, then purchase another RollNRack (or Collapsible GO-Pack) a year after that. The Efficiency Package was created to save a department money ($714) and set them up with a streamlined operating package right away.

The GO-Pack (collapsible RollNRack unit) cannot be transformed into a Power Roller unit.

With the drainer off the front, the battery box off and the handle retracted, you can transport the Power Roller in some compartments. You would also need to store the drainer and battery pack as well. I have placed a picture on the Power Roller pics page to show that even in the fullest compartments, the unit fits well even without a slide out tray. The Power Roller specs page has the dimensions- just remember you need some wiggle room to get it in and out. It’s about 90 lbs and can be placed in and out of the rig by two firefighters.

The Power Roller is portable, rugged, battery-operated and easy to use. It’s the greatest fire hose roller on the market and it’s meant to be used in all weather.

We now also have the GO-Pack. A collapsible RollNRack unit that stows in any rig compartment. The Efficiency Package w/GO-Pack rack is the answer for hose management at the station and at the scene.

Yes, it’s true-even working with large diameter hose! The rigs are stationary so only two firefighters are needed to get back in service. The RollNRack and collapsing GO-Pack are the best fire hose loaders on the market today for all hose, 1 1/2″ to 5″ LDH. Use the RollNRack XL to safely reload up to 7 1/4″ hose (utilizing three firefighters).

There are other fire hose loaders/rollers on the market, but with the RollNRack System, you don’t lift or carry any large diameter hose after it’s rolled or when you want to load the hose onto the truck. Our tools adjust to any hose diameter easily. This makes it the easiest to use and safest LDH loader on the market. When you’re only using two firefighters to safely load hose, you gain firefighters for other chores, allowing you to expand your manpower.

If you contract out for annual fire hose testing, the RollNRack System can save you money by testing hose yourself. It will also vastly improve your firefighter’s quality of life immediately.

All Operational videos are now on our “Videos” page.

Videos are also on a DVD that you get with your order.

No. The slide bar on the Power Roller is only used when you’re loading hose. Keep the slide bar to the left and out of the way when rolling hose. It only needs to slide over when you’re loading 3″ diameter hose and smaller. This is covered in the Operational videos on the DVD and also written instructions.

If this happens, please contact us so that we can get you the replacement part needed. All equipment is as heavy-duty as possible, but we understand, things happen. All equipment can be brought back to perfect operation by the install of a replacement part. 

Purchasing Questions

Right now, March 2019, most orders are shipping out within 4-5 weeks. Power Roller/Efficiency Package orders ship on a pallet, fully assembled via Roadway/UPS Air Freight.

RollNRack/DA and FASTBACK orders ship UPS in boxes. Power Roller XL orders are 5 weeks out and ship via Roadway/UPS Air Freight. International orders are 8 weeks to shipment. YRC’s guaranteed lift gate delivery is an additional $50.

All p&s listed is within Continental US. Canada & Alaska will be slightly higher.

Just call or email us with your name, department, phone and fax number. Tell us what system you want quoted and where you want it shipped. We will either fax it or email it to you as soon as possible.

You can also get an instant quote on our home page. Click on “Get a quote now”. After you check off which product(s) you want quoted, fill out your department info and click “Get Quote”. You can then print out the quote. You can even do numerous quotes.

You will receive an email with a link to your quote so that you can review it or print it out anytime. Fax it in or call us to order.

The quote is good for sixty days.

We’ll customize a package for your firefighters. Your system will depend on how you want to operate and what your budget is like. Just because you have a large department doesn’t mean every station needs an Efficiency Package. We can add collapsing GO-Packs if needed.

Your RollNRack System for your firefighters will make sense and save you money while making everyone as efficient and as safe as possible.

While we do not do GSA, we have sold to all four branches of the US Armed Forces- and even the Canadian Armed Forces directly. We have units in Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, England, Germany, Japan, Turkey and other countries as well.

Yes, we accept American Express, Master Card, Visa, and Discover but add a 3% of the total for processing. Card information can be given over the phone when ordering, and is not charged until the order is shipped. All quotes are cash discount prices.

Just call us to place your order.

You can also fax or email a PO or Quote with “place order” on it. Terms for Power Roller or Efficiency Package Orders are NET 15 after it ships via check. Credit card orders are accepted but have a 3% processing fee added to them.

Power Roller XL orders are prepaid prior to shipment.

We have a RollNRack Presentation Kit on our site here. There is a report on “The Economic Consequences Of Firefighter Injuries And Their Prevention ” along with two magazine reviews. There is an article from Industrial Fire World titled, “Defining PPE (2012) on the system. 

Look beyond your department’s operating or capital budget. Contact your workers’ compensation insurance carrier and discuss the risk-reduction aspects. They may make the purchase for you.

We are aware of all the hose management options on the market. Give us a call. Retired firefighter/CEO Javier Fernandez will gladly tell you the differences between our system and any tool out there.

With the RollNRack System, you never expose your department to the liabilities of loading fire hose while rigs are in motion or with the lifting of heavy LDH rolls.

Yes, it does. Many departments have purchased our system with a grant (or fire insurance safety fund). Call or email us and we’ll offer some proven content for your narrative in ANY Grant App for the RollNRack System!


The AFG tutorial link is here.

RollNRack components are manufactured to a high industrial grade standard with the life expectancy of each unit (especially the Power Roller) being twenty years with minor routine maintenance. The all aluminum & stainless steel construction equals the quality of only the best firefighter equipment on the market. We have units all over the world with military installations and hose testing companies. We build each tool as if it’s going to them.

Back injuries are the number one cause of early duty disability retirements in the fire service. When you consider that the average cost of a non-surgical back injury in the US Fire Service is over $50,000, this equipment is a great deal.

RollNRack Tools are proudly MADE IN THE USA.

Bottom Line: If any of our tools prevent just one back injury in the life of the unit, it’s paid for.

We do not have dealers or distributors. We sell direct. We’re the hose management professionals and can customize a package for your firefighters. Let us help your department by making sure you get the equipment you need.

We’ll also make the RollNRack System purchase easy.