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25" tall x 15" wide x 24.5" 


Coupling fork choices:




Manual Fire Hose Roller 1.75"/1.5" OR 1"

Roll up all hand lines or forestry hose quickly.  After draining a hose section, set the FASTBACK at the male coupling. Kneel on the kneeling pad and slide the coupling into the coupling fork. Lock the brush bar down and hold the coupling against the coupling fork as you begin to crank the handle. After the coupling has a couple of wraps on it, hold the handle at the top of the unit while you continue to crank the handle and wind up the hose. When you're finished rolling up the length of hose, raise the brush bar. Retract the fork and lift up the FASTBACK unit, leaving the hose roll on the ground. 

50' Attack Line- or 100' Forestry lines

$949 (+ $105 P&S)

Click here for pictures and video

Add to the Efficiency Package and save $149!

  • Portable
  • All Aluminum/stainless steel hardware
  • Either 1.5"/1.75" OR 1" Forestry line
  • Light reflective stickers
  • Reflective shoulder strap
  • Debris cleaning brushes
  • Maintenance free
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