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What's the difference between the RollNRack System and other hose rollers on the market?

With RollNRack tools, SAFETY & our tool's ruggedness are the main priorities. We won't cut corners on quality. Our system is customizable, portable and fits in a rig compartment. Other "portable" fire hose reels on the market are bulky, mount on a hitch or you have to mess with gas, oil & belts. Some units drag water filled LDH to the unit causing LDH jacket damage. A rig-mounted loader that draws up hose, requires additional firefighters to ride AND STAND, on top of moving rigs, putting even more firefighters at risk for falls, injuries or even death. For the logistics and the liability, this just doesn't make any sense. It also isn't practical when hose testing. With RollNRack tools, even if your truck is committed at the scene, you can safely get that truck back in service quickly! 

The RollNRack System allows one firefighter to drain & roll LDH (ergonomically) while two firefighters are safely loading LDH. You never lift LDH hose rolls AND the rig is stationary. Your department EXCEEDS  NFPA 1500 compliance for loading ALL hose. You cannot safely load hose, realistically, with firefighters riding on top of a moving rig and remain NFPA compliant.

With our RollNRack Hose Management System, NO ONE STANDS OR RIDES ON MOVING RIGS TO LOAD HOSE, EVER!  Depend on RollNRack Tools for annual hose testing. Give us a call, we'll gladly tell you the differences between our system and any tool out there.

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