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I injured my back with LDH and was motivated to develop the first RollNRack for our department. Preventing injuries and becoming as efficient as possible were my goals.

After a fire, when we're exhausted, is when injuries happen. With the RollNRack System, any department or company can streamline their hose work to have the safest & most efficient method of operation.

RollNRack Tools exceed NFPA 1500 Safety Standards. Annual hose testing will never be the same.

Javier Fernandez
Owner & CEO                                        WFD Honor Guard

About Us

Welcome. My name is Javier Fernandez and I'm a retired firefighter (after twenty five years with the City of Waukesha Fire Department). RollNRack, LLC is a family-run business. My wife, Rose, and I will always treat you with respect and give you the best in customer service. Our products are manufactured one at a time here in Wisconsin. We are proud of the high quality of our materials and workmanship and that our products are all made completely in America.

As a firefighter family, we are pleased to serve the fire service. We believe in the brotherhood and are honored to support those who put it on the line. We hope you'll agree, that the RollNRack System is the innovative answer to fire hose management you've been looking for. It's the only customizable, portable system that will drain, roll and load all fire hose. It includes the only battery operated fire hose roller on the market. RollNRack tools improve morale and a firefighter's quality of life immediately. We are the sole source of RollNRack products and prefer to sell direct to your department or company. Visit us on Facebook for customer pics!

Click IFW link for article on RollNRack as PPE

Presentation Kit - RollNRack tools are protected by several Patents and intellectual property.

We'll help you show what The RollNRack Hose Management System can do for your department. While there are other hose management tools out there, our tools are designed to keep you from riding on top of moving rigs while loading hose. There's no lifting of LDH rolls. They'll expand your crew's abilities and get you back in-service sooner. All of our innovative tools qualify for AFG Grants. Contact us for RollNRack grant narrative tips! A 2018 AFG grant tutorial link is here.  

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